Over the Weekend

We had such a great weekend. I had a pretty crazy week with a new job, an old job, and a temporary babysitting job mixed together. I felt like my head was falling off by Friday evening. But that didn’t stop some late night fun with my mother in law and my friend Jen.

We also…

Enjoyed brunch
Saw the movie “True Story”
Shopped until we dropped
Attended a Guppy puppy party…

Guppy is our friends’ pup. She turned 3 (21 in dog years) so her owners had a puppy party and all of Guppy’s puppy pals were invited! Alf had a great time. There was Guppychow, Gupcakes, and homemade paw-tato chips. Everything had a play on puppy words. We have some very clever friends – and they host a good party!

They had the best outdoor space. It has me daydreaming of our future outdoor space… But first, so many other things. Like grass? A sprinkler system? #homeownership


We had the laziest day on Sunday.
Big Hero 6 on the couch and a loooong nap for the mister.
It was perfect.

I feel a little bit like I’m chasing something as I try to adjust to my new “normal” (I started a new job a few weeks ago). I am trying to find balance and I know I will feel balanced soon, but until then…

Happy day!

Love, The Jaderstons