{Five} Things on Friday

1. Finding Balance

I’ve mentioned briefly that I’ve started something new (see below) in my last couple posts. And I think it has been obvious that the blog hasn’t gotten as much love because of it. But it is really hard to find balance! I want to put all my focus into my new job, my old job, the blog, our home, my creative side, etc. But I can’t put all my focus onto all those things because it’s not realistic and I’d be setting myself up to fail. I’m only a few weeks into the new routine and I know that time will tell where my priorities fall – but I want my priorities to be on everything!

I have been praying each day for the Lord to give me peace in this transition and I really believe he has. I can feel his peace throughout every moment of my days. It’s been a whirlwind but also such a blessing for our family.

2. New Job

So I started a new job… I am working for my family’s business! It’s a part time gig (PERFECT) and it’s administrative work (my gifting) and I get to crunch numbers (my degree) and I get to see my dad almost every day of the week (!!!!). I was so nervous to enter the “business” industry again because I had such a horrible experience the first time. But I LOVE it! I am starting to understand my role a little bit better (even though it will probably be changing a lot) and the people I work with are so fun and loving towards me.

To do lists look a lot different nowadays, but I have an office (with walls!).

3. Old Job

I still have my babysitting gig and I love it just as much as the day I started. I work with the kids two days a week and other times as needed. The new job is flexible so I can shift my schedule around to stay available for the family I work for. Pinch me – I think I’m dreaming.

4. Creativity

Creativity has taken a hit with the new job coming into the picture. The blog doesn’t get as much attention and I wish I could change that. I think once things settle and the “new normal” feels just normal I will be able to put more of a focus on this side of me. I have learned to really cherish the weekends and still try to make a point of doing something creative (blog, calligraphy, craft, design, decorate) every couple days.

5. The Alf Man

Umm this guy. He graduated from an obedience class this week! And he pooped in the basement (like a lot) on Monday. Sooooo you win some you lose some. He’s kenneled up a lot more nowadays which I feel pretty bad about. But he still cracks us up every day and begs for our food and barks very loudly if we don’t put our dishes away. What a guy.

6. Cheers to Friday!

Friday has so much more meaning now that I’m a five days a week working woman. So CHEERS!

Happy day!

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Love, The Jaderstons