NYC Day One {In Photos}


This is Mike’s airplane sleep position | It still amazes me that he can sleep like this period.


Chicago from the sky


NYC from the sky


We rode in a minivan from the airport to our hotel, during rush hour, and this was the view from New Jersey to Manhattan. The skyline always forces me to snap a photo. Concrete jungle fo’ real.


After we got settled into the hotel and met up with Jenn we walked to dinner a few blocks away. The place we ate at happened to be a Kansas (KU) bar. The waitress loved that we were actually from Kansas.


The view from our hotel room | We looked right out towards the Waldorf Astoria.

On Friday morning we walked to the Empire State Building.


After we left the Empire State Building (which we learned has two zip codes all to itself) we walked to Macy’s. We took the escalators all the way to the top floor and took a selfie with Lady Liberty. Good times.


After Macy’s we walked to the Circle Line tour pier. We walked through the outskirts of Times Square and Katie took a photo with some very bad attempts at Elmo, Olaf, and a minion. These characters had “tips please” taped to their hands so when they waved you’d see that they wanted money. They also didn’t speak any english…


We did the Liberty Cruise with Circle Line this year. This was my second time on a tour and I had a better experience this time than last. The commentator was great and we learned a lot. The tourist in me loves seeing the city from far away – plus we got to see the Statue of Liberty up close without having to wait in line with lots and lots of people.


One World Trade Center | More on this in my Day 3 post


We walked back to the hotel for some much needed R & R before we headed towards Brooklyn to meet up with Jenn. We enjoyed sunset drinks on the patio at her office and then walked a few blocks to dinner. We ate at a little Italian restaurant in Williamsburg and it was the most delicious Italian food I’ve ever had. So good.


On our way to Brooklyn | We walked 10+miles on the first day and someone was a little exhausted


It was a full day of tourist adventures and we definitely pushed ourselves too hard for it only being the first day there, but worth it.

Day two of NYC is next and it won’t be as picture heavy because I left my big camera in the hotel room all day. Oops!

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons