Look Back at 2015

Well hello there, 2016. I can’t believe you’re here.

2016 is going to be a year of change and joy. I am excited for the adventure ahead, but I don’t want to rush forward without reflecting on the year we’ve had.


We woke up on New Years Day in the same place that we woke up this morning – Zona.
We also finished painting all the trim white in our home!! Still can’t believe this is done.


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We did our first savings challenge of the year in February and spent an evening at the field house.


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We spent a week in Arizona with our best friends and we got to experience the Grand Canyon for the first time together. It was such a fun adventure.


via: The Grand Canyon


Our laundry room renovation happened this month! It’s one of my favorite spaces in our house – mostly because it’s our only finished space in our house. I imagine I will have a new favorite room here in a few months.

We also did another savings challenge, I took my first official calligraphy course, started working part time at the family business, and we did our 30 day reset (and felt better than we’d ever felt before).

Laundry Before After

via: Laundry Room Reno


I continued to adjust to working 2 jobs, took some engagement photos for friends, and started our trip to NYC!

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We drove all over the place. So much time in the car. I blogged about our trip to NYC, we ventured to Chicago for a dear friends wedding, and then headed to Minnesota with a group of high schoolers for Group Mission.


via: Group Mission Minnesota


We celebrated 3 years! We also headed to camp round 1 in Kansas and camp round 2 in Wisconsin.


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August was an exciting month. We got home from our crazy summer of travel, found out we were expecting baby boy (!!!), and became an aunt and uncle!

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Morning sickness took over my life and I only blogged 3 times. But my older sister visited Kansas and that was definitely a highlight.


via: Sister Sister Sister


Morning sickness still ruled all, but we announced our pregnancy to the world and we celebrated!


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We installed our new sink and I started blogging our weekly pregnancy updates. I also finished my nanny job and started working more at the family business.


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Our last Christmas before baby, lots of family time, still occasional morning sickness, and lots of pelvic pain. But we tried to mark our season with Joy and we rang in the new year (asleep) but with the same attitude.


via: Christmas Eve

2015 was good. It was also marked with loss and growth through pain and I’m not trying to ignore those parts; it’s just more fun to blog the happy and reflect internally on the hard.

I hope your New Year feels peaceful and that this holiday is a day of relaxing.

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons