The Grand Canyon

As mentioned yesterday HERE, we did some sightseeing on Wednesday. This is part two!

Mike and I had never seen the grand canyon and I love that we got to see it for the first time together. Of course I am going to endorse going to see it, it was amazing and everyone should go, but seriously… It was amazing and everyone should go. Put it on your bucket list right now.


It was truly unbelievable. These pictures turned out well, but I really feel like they don’t do it justice. The beauty is breathtaking. I will return again someday and will be just as struck by the beauty of it as I was on Wednesday.


We’re on our way back to Kansas today. We’re excited to get back to Alf and our house, but we’re sad that vacation is over. This was one that we’ll cherish forever.

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons