In True Fall Fashion..

Ok, technically it isn’t Fall yet, but everyone I speak to is just loving this cooler weather. Yes, everyone at the grocery store, even the cashiers. I also love not having the AC on – since currently it is 65 degrees in our house. This is the coolest it has been in here since Spring!

But in true fall fashion.. I’m cold and wrapped in a blanket.

And in true fall fashion.. I woke up this morning with a cold.

I’ve been relatively healthy all summer and have been attempting to boost my immune system so the thing that happened this morning wouldn’t happen this year. I guess old habits never die..

I attempted a home remedy and took a shot of organic apple cider vinegar this morning. My insides are still burning. I would definitely recommend doing that after a few glasses of water, maybe some food, and certainly not right after you brush your teeth. Blegh..

But in true fall fashion.. we enjoyed Thursday Night Football last night snuggled up on the couch. I know football means Fall to a lot of the people reading this blog, and be reassured that it is that way in our house too.


And in true fall fashion.. I am burning a CinnaVanilla candle as I write this. It makes my insides feel a little bit warmer and it makes our house smell so good.

So here we are at the first signs of Fall and we’re keeping stereotypes like it’s our job. I love that we get all four seasons in Kansas and that we get as excited for each one. I’m already looking forward to the first snow, but first the beautiful fall colors.

Happy Friday, friends. Enjoy this day!

Love, The Jaderstons