Five On Friday

I have been following blogs that participate in “Five on Friday” for years and I’ve always wanted to join in but just haven’t. Well, today’s the day!!

1. Project: Paint Trim White {Phase 2}

The next phase of painting trim is in process! We are painting the rest of the basement trim this week. There are 13 corners and three doors – it’s a BEAST. But everyday I’ve made it a step further and that feels good. We are getting a NEW COUCH delivered this afternoon so I’m hopeful that the trim in the living room will be complete by 3:15.

2. January Birthdays

My little sisters birthday is the 10th, Mike’s birthday is the 17th, and Betsy’s (my sister in-law) is today! They are all one week apart so we’ve had LOTS of reasons to celebrate. Happy Birthday BETS!


3. Homemade Meals

I made a homemade meal this week! This is a small victory for me because I’m hoping that these next few weeks that number will rise. I’m not big into cooking but I’m trying to learn. This is what I made.

4. Making the Bed

Lately I’ve been trying to set little goals for myself since I’ve been spending a lot of time at home playing house wife. One of those goals was homemade meals and that is why my first homemade meal this week was a big deal. Another goal has been making the bed everyday. When Mike and I lived in Sterling it was something that never happened. I always feel better when our bedroom is clean (it feels more like a getaway from work) so making the bed helps me accomplish that. I’ve only missed one day this week!

IMG_1445I’m also in the market for a new duvet/pillow covers and in the process of designing a headboard!

5. Part Time Babysitter

Next week Mike and I are playing “guardian” for my littlest sister! We have her for a whole week and we’re both so excited. It’s going to be nice for me to have more of a schedule and I know I will be excited for the week after to RELAX.

IMG_2564This girl is gonna be a hoot next week!

Happy Friday!
Love, KJ

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Love, The Jaderstons