4 Months Old

Dwayne and I just finished his monthly photoshoot in his crib and on his rug. We were having a grand time and I snapped some classics…


We had a guest join us towards the end and this hilarious progression happened.


After that final photo Dwayne grabbed a chunk of fur and the moment was quickly over. These two have quite the relationship ahead of them… So excited for that!

I can’t believe Dwayne is already 4 months old. He has made our life as sweet as ever.

*4 Months - 05 - Version 2

4 Months

*Week 16 - 07 - Version 2

3 Months

*Month 2-Week 9 - 04 - Version 2

2 Months

WEEK 3 - 06
1 Month

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons