We Are Fruit People

Last year around this time Mike and I challenged each other to two fruits and two veggies per day. We had a little magnet board so we could keep track of who had eaten what. It was our way of guaranteeing at least a few fresh foods each day. We kept up with our challenge for a long time. We aren’t as serious (although we should be) about it anymore, but we do try to eat as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible. It helps that I love juicing – and I’m hopeful that spring time will bring even more fresh produce into our home.

But really I’m here to talk about our fruit bowl problems.

It wasn’t big enough.

The bananas would get crushed and turn brown just a couple days after coming home from the store.

Small fruits would get stuck at the bottom and we wouldn’t realize they were still there until after they’d gone bad.

It was wasteful and sad.

I did lots of brainstorming. I thought about getting one of those hanging fruit baskets but our ceilings are really tall in our kitchen. I also considered getting multiple containers to just sit on the countertop, but I’m trying to avoid the “clutter”. So baskets hanging from the wall was where I landed.

Wall Planters as Fruit Baskets

This wall has been empty since we moved in. We were considering building some custom shelves for some extra storage but never got around to it. The wall also has a phone jack on it. It was time for the phone jack to disappear.

What you’ll need: wall baskets, small hooks, fruits and veggies.

It was very simple. I used a level, a pencil, and a drill. Easy peasy.


What do you think? We love it. It’s so easy to see what fruits and veggies we have and it’s easy to just grab and go. I also love that they’re off the counter, although I’m pretty sure the spot where the fruit bowl used to be is already filled with clutter. I need to dedicate a day to declutter.


Happy Monday!
Love, KJ

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