The S’mornament

Have I told you guys about our love for s’mores? Our wedding cake? The fact that we always have s’more ingredients on hand just in case we get a craving?

If you didn’t know, our wedding cake was made out of S’more Bars… Thanks to my besties for slaving over that one.


Love the two ladies photobombing the above photo. (Credit: Michael Bankston)

And the S’mornament was born.


Our cake topper! Thanks to Momma Scheer for digging through the internet and finding this cute s’more couple on their wedding day. I fell in love with it right away and knew it had to be on top of our cake. I mean seriously, how precious are they?

Every Christmas since my mom has surprised us with a s’more ornament: a s’mornament.


^^We each got one in 2012. Mine was the santa and Mike’s was the golfer.^^


^^This cute guy was for Christmas of 2013.^^


I’m hoping for a s’mornament in 2014 (hint hint Mom) so we can keep this tradition going. If it’s not s’mornaments I will make a point to buy some sort of ornament that has value to both of us and our family. An ornament a year for every year of marriage. We will have a very full tree.

Happy 1 week from Christmas! (And today is my birthday… Shhh)

Love, The Jaderstons