Thankfulness Lately

Lately I’ve been thankful for…

IMG_0253Two jobs | Each using different aspects of my gifts | Children and administrative work
Both are incredibly fulfilling.

IMG_0310Fresh mango in bed with onlooking pups | and the constant reminder of our 3 promises

IMG_031135% of the year complete and 35% of the bible read | This has been such a good, life-giving challenge.

IMG_0305Weekends full of adventure | and being open to spontaneity.

IMG_0307Afternoons with this sister | She makes my heart sing

IMG_0298Pizza from outdoor pizza ovens | and for the 80/20 rule when it comes to healthy eating

Missions BBQMission team BBQs | Rained out bonfires | and students willing to serve wherever the Lord takes us this summer
_C1C4404_I5P3527And for these mothers in my life | The one that raised me and the one that raised my husband | You both have set forth a great example for me when my role changes to mom someday. So so grateful for both of you.

Here’s to thankfulness and the peace that accompanies it.

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons