Over the Weekend

Labor day weekend was one for the books, the books of laziness and relaxation. It was the best.

Weekends of nothing are almost always preferred around here.


Those three photos pretty much sum it up. The biggest thing missing would be Tennis.


If I wasn’t in bed snuggling Alf and watching Netflix, I was on the couch watching tennis with Mike.

Okayyyy, I’ve been a little deceiving. We actually did leave the house a few times. We had dinner with our dear friends on Saturday (and football!!), we had some other dear friends stay with us on Sunday evening, and on Monday we had dinner at our house with Mike’s family and the new baby. He’s already changed so much! I can’t handle it.


I also made a special trip out to Goddard to visit my Grandma with my family. She has the most inviting front porch. To the right there are two swings that we used to swing on with our cousins, we’d usually swing way too high. So many good memories at this home.

And that was it! I made it a point to put technology away this last week – which is why I’ve been a little MIA. I’ve been trying to reset. It has been very refreshing getting back into a rhythm.

As I type this it is storming at our house. Cooler temps came through last night and I have an apple spice wax melt going. FALL is HERE!

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons