Over the Weekend

This weekend was a wild one. Wild enough that we were excited for an evening at home, but not wild enough to feel exhausted going into the week. It was perfect.

We loaded up on Thursday and headed to Kansas City to watch the Sterling College Basketball team. Yes, that’s right. Basketball season is upon us. My father in law is the head men’s basketball coach at Sterling College so basketball is a big deal.

My little sister joined us for the first game. It was so so good spending some quality time with her. My friend Christina was also there! To say we have fun together would be an understatement.


The team was playing in a two day tournament and ended up with second place! Basketball season is so exciting, and this year my brother in law is on the team which makes it even more exciting (and nerve wracking).

On Friday we woke up in KC with a delicious breakfast at Perkins, picked up my mother in law and headed to Lawrence!

We did some shopping on Mass Street and indulged in our favorite sushi place. I love getting back to Lawrence to see how the shops have changed and checking out all the new little places. We went into a few “handmade” stores and I found these little owls.


Aren’t they the sweetest? I didn’t buy either of them, but was oh so tempted. Now I’m drawing up templates because my mom needs one for Christmas. Right, mom?? The pumpkins are precious too.

After the game on Friday night we headed back home to see our pup. He wasn’t too thrilled about us leaving him this time around and we woke up in the morning to this..


Shame on us for keeping the dog food in an accessible place, but good for him for only wanting to rip up the paper and not actually eat the food. Thanks, Alfred… We’ve learned our lesson.

Saturday was another wonderful day. I cozied up on the couch and stared at our Christmas tree and then joined friends to get manicures (my first one in 14 years) and go house hunting for hobby. We had dinner at our fave mexican restaurant in town and then soaked up time with friends from out of state.


Sunday! We woke up to the first snow of the season! Much more snow than we anticipated and I’m happy to report that most of it is still on the ground. It’s a winter wonderland out there! Alfred is unsure of the snow but he is very sure about his fleece vest.


On Sunday evening I got to go over to church and participate in a worship night that my husband helped put together. It was a powerful night and the perfect way to end the weekend.


Did you have a good weekend? With the Holiday season upon us I feel like our relaxed weekends are disappearing, but I am trying to enjoy every moment of this season – even the hectic holiday bustle that seems to be in the air a few weeks early this year.

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons