Our Day in the Sun

Yesterday we spent lots of time outdoors. I know our family up North is enjoying their Spring weather of 50 degrees while we enjoy our Spring weather of 70 degrees. Sorry guys… It’s so fun to step outside at 8 am and smell the fresh Spring air. It’s also really fun to see everyone come outside. Kids are playing and people are walking and riding their bikes. So good.

Anyways, at around 11:30 we took Alfred on a long walk. He has been a little bit naughty lately so we are trying to help him by taking him outside to burn some energy more regularly. We stopped at a park in town and let him off the leash. He just went crazy. He loves to run – and he can run fast. He definitely has working dog in his blood.


Now, I have a video of Alfie and I feel that I need to preface it with lots of back story. In Sterling, KS there is a siren that goes off everyday at 7:00 am, noon, 1:00 pm, and 6:00 pm. Well we were in this field when the siren started to go off and Alfred always gets a little spooked and excited. The siren is very close to our house so it’s loud. Well, Alfie has started to howl back at the siren. Everyday at noon when I am home for lunch Mike and I run over to the door to watch as Alfred reacts to the siren. It’s a highlight of our days. Now, you can see the video.

Maybe that was a little less exciting than I made it sound, but we absolutely love it.

By the end of our long walk he was pooped. He spent the entire afternoon asleep on the couch which means he has not been getting into trouble – and we really appreciate that.

Have a great Saturday, brave ones. Cheer for the SHOX and cry for the HAWKS…
See you soon,

Love, The Jaderstons