What I meant to say was…

My intentions were to sit down this morning and write a post about our Save the Dates and how much I loved them. But then I woke up after a loooong night of fighting with our smoke detectors and decided against it.

Mike and I are in the middle of a smoke detector saga and everything came to a head last night…

It started about a month ago.

Our smoke detector outside our room started chirping (meaning it was time for a new 9 volt). We went to the store and bought a new battery and replaced it the next day. Then we heard another chirp… Turns out there is another smoke detector a mere 4 feet away from the first that also was low on battery. Luckily we had bought a two pack – so we popped in a new battery there too.

Then we heard another chirp.

WHAT?! Why are these silly guys still beeping? So we lived with it for three weeks. The occasional chirp was manageable because both smoke detectors were working well and tested fine.

Well two nights ago we had had enough. We had done a hard reset (killed the main breaker of our home and held the reset button on both smoke detectors for 30 seconds and then turned the power back on) and they were still beeping!

Mike got home from work yesterday determined to fix these smoke detectors and a guy knocks on our door. He’s selling a house alarm system that we don’t need, but they include new smoke detectors so we were sold! I’m not kidding, we talked to him for an hour while our food cooked and then cooled down and actually signed up for the stuff! Then the tech guys came to set it up and we got cold feet (BECAUSE WE DONT NEED IT) and we backed out and canceled everything and meanwhile still have smoke detectors that are BEEPING!

That was a tangent, but I felt that it was worth mentioning. We were in a bad place.

We found another smoke detector in the basement and thought that maybe that was the one beeping so I rush out to Dillons to buy another 9 volt battery (turns out Dillons keeps their batteries in the pharmacy department). I replace the battery and something is still beeping.

SOOO we did another hard reset – at 10 pm. Turned the power back on and there is still a chirp! But from WHERE? We couldn’t figure out which one was chirping! So we had given up and went to Walmart to just buy three new smoke detectors that connect to AC power. Walmart was sold out (except for $50 a pop fancy brand). So we bought $6 worth of candy and drowned our sorrows in sugar.

We got back home and detached all three smoke detectors – pulled our their batteries and wrapped them in a blanket to shush them. And there is still a chirp.

Now, smart me decided that since we don’t have any smoke detectors plugged in that we should at least have a form of protection set up (just in case the house burns down and because it’s illegal to not have smoke detectors plugged in). So I went to our linen closet where we have an extra smoke detector from the Sterling house…..

Turns out? It was the stinking smoke detector in the closet that was chirping all along. The battery had died! And since I didn’t remember that we even had the smoke detector until last night I didn’t think to check that!

We had our first peaceful night of sleep in a month. And all our smoke detectors are reattached with new batteries and no chirps (hopefully).

And I feel a little bit like we’ve wasted a month of our lives being attacked by a beep from nowhere.

And I’m channelling my inner Phoebe…


I hope you’re having a better week than we’re having, but it’s all looking up from here!

Love, The Jaderstons


Love, The Jaderstons