I Didn’t Want to Blog

I didn’t want to blog this week.

I wasn’t feeling creative or excited about it.

I was also attempting to recover from bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection (rough times).

And we have spent this week with my littlest sister because my parents are on a week long getaway (luckies).

So this morning, I woke up determined to blog. I’ve never wanted blogging to be on my to do list because it’s something that I love to do – so it should just happen. But today, I need to get back to normal. This is day 14 of being sick. Yes, I am feeling much better, but I have a pretty serious cough that is still lingering and my energy levels are at about 70%. So my getting back to normal today was putting blogging on my to do list. Because when I blog, my day feels a little more normal. So, here I am!

When you’re sick you get a lot of time to sit and reflect. You also get a lot of time to spend on Pinterest and watch Netflix. So today, I’m looking forward from all my reflection time and making goals!
IMG_5139 - Version 2

1. Decorate my house!

We have one wall in our living room with something on it. I am not going to make this goal too lofty – like finish the whole thing, but I would like to add some fall decor and maybe finish another wall to make our house a little more homey.

2. 30 days of Hand Lettering

I have been learning calligraphy. This fall I would like to practice hand lettering at least 30 times. I plan on making something to mark off each day I practice. I really enjoy it, and now I want to improve!

3. Try new recipes

Cooking is not a strong suit of mine, but I wanna try to get better. I wanna try new soups, crockpot meals, and some fun fall recipes.

4. Organize, organize, organize!

I want to get some organization implemented in our home. The main thing on my mind is our basement and our 2nd bedroom. I also want to organize our paints and our home improvement tools/supplies.

And that’s it! My 4 goals that are attainable. And it starts on Saturday! I plan on sharing my progress every once in a while – like my hand lettering practice and any new recipes that I love.

Thanks for sticking with us!
Happy Thursday!

Love, The Jaderstons