Life Lately


Just here for a quick little life update before we head off to another out of state wedding tomorrow morning (bright and early).

1. Mike got stuck in Chicago last weekend because of weather (yes just one weekend after we got stuck in New York because of weather) and we have decided to never fly again. Do you think that’s too strong of a decision? Missing one good nights sleep really messes with a person.

2. We’re packing our bags again. I actually unpacked Mike’s bag from Chicago tonight (3 days after he got home) to repack it for another trip to Chicago… This is our 3rd of 7 trips this summer. You could say that I am becoming a master packer. Ok, maybe I took that one too far too.

3. Speaking of travel, I just now booked our hotel room for the trip we’re going on tomorrow to Chicago. Slim pickins… I ended up booking a room at a hotel that had a 60% rating or LOWER on the booking sites… Wish us luck.

4. My littlest sister had a birthday this week and then she headed off to camp with my other little sister. She turned 11. Don’t get me started on how that makes me feel. Also, do they make her striped shirt in my size?


5. I golfed with my dad and dad in-law on Tuesday. It had been almost a year since I picked up my clubs. I only made it through nine holes and couldn’t move the next day. Maybe I should try to play twice a year to prevent this from happening again…

6. I miss blogging regularly. I miss it more than I anticipated missing it. But pretty much all I can blog about right now is life lately and there are only so many life latelys that you guys can put up with. I haven’t done a project in months and that makes me sad. Someday I will find routine. Someday.

7. The girl I babysit gave me a pedicure last week. This is how I felt about it.. Until I realized what actually happened…


The End

Happy Day!



Love, The Jaderstons