Hello world!

I (Kelsey) am pretty excited about the opportunity to document this life that Mike and I are about to share. We are to be married in 3 days and could not be more excited. Even though I’ve been told a thousand times that marriage is not always “waterfalls and butterflies” or “happiness and laughter”, I am hopeful that life with Mike will be better than any life I could live without Mike.

We are blessed beyond our imagination and have definitely been given the tools and the resources to start this marriage off right. We are loved, supported, and prayed for. We are surrounded by a loving family, wonderful friends, and 308 RSVPs. What more could a girl ask for?!

The purpose of starting this blog is mostly for us. I want to remember all these little things about marriage – about Mike – about our journey closer to the cross. But it’s also for our friends and family to keep up with us. We can’t wait for this journey to begin. Thanks for joining us along the way!



-the Jaderston’s

Love, The Jaderstons