Gone Pixie

Yesterday I posted the following photos on the instagram to reveal a big change…
IMG_1724 IMG_9481-1At 1:30 yesterday afternoon I told my new hairdresser to chop it off and she beamed from ear to ear. Apparently it’s a hairdressers dream to completely makeover someones look – or at least it’s my hairdressers dream. Is hair dresser the correct term? Hair stylist? Hair chopper? Ha!

Anyways, I made the leap and I love it! I have been playing around with the idea of a pixie since before I got married and I am so glad I finally made the change. I learned a few weeks ago from my momma that my bangs are always in my face because they grow straight forward instead of to the side like most others’ bangs. This probably should have been something I figured out years ago but I needed my momma to remind me why I always had bangs as a child to give me that extra motivation. I didn’t realize the hair in my face ALL.THE.TIME. wasn’t something the average human has to deal with.

Woohoo for stress free – no hair in my face – easy maintenance – and limited use of shampoo – PIXIE!


Happy Wednesday! Stay safe Midwest – just watched the weather channel and there is a 7/10 chance of tornados tonight. Eek! I’m gonna go stock some water bottles into the basement and get ready to make camp down there.
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons