Five on Friday

Hey! I am linked up with darciaprilchristina and natasha again today for a five on friday!

Good morning blog world! I think Fridays are growing to be my favorite day. I love this time in the morning where I get to blog in bed next to Mike who is still resting. Friday is technically like Mike’s Saturday – so it would make sense that I love the day that he gets to be home.

1. KS Weather

Umm… last weekend it was +80 degrees. On Monday, it snowed. Make up your mind, SPRING! But I suppose I appreciated another chance to wear my slippers and big cozy sweatpants.

2. Alfred Update

Well, he didn’t love the snow but he has been loving the Spring weather. He’ll go outside in the morning and not come back in for hours. He just lounges in the sun and chases bugs. He has also been in a super playful mood. All of his toys go outside with him and they only occasionally make it back inside. The following video is a small snip of what he’ll do with his toys outside. Needless to say, he frequently is needing a bath.


We’ve been trying to take him on walks everyday too. It helps him to sleep better at night which helps Mike to sleep better at night. Well worth it even in the crazy weather. Now for a couple more photos…


3. Trim Update

I finished the hallway trim! On Monday and Tuesday I just decided to knock some trim out. Now I only have the 2nd bedroom, the laundry room, and our bathroom! Oh, and 5 doors.

The photo was taken with my iPhone – sorry about the bad quality. I will take better photos when it’s all done.



My mother-in-law came to town on Monday for the afternoon and we went shopping! We started at TJ Maxx and she bought me and Betsy these precious dish towels. I am in love with them in our kitchen and they are making me rethink every color I bring into that room. Ha!

I also got some great socks. TJ Maxx is one of the few places I will buy my socks. For example, these Under Armour socks I bought are $15.99 at Sports Authority and $6.99 at TJ Maxx. And they’re AMAZING.


5. Photo Dump

IMG_4189IMG_4190IMG_4200IMG_41991. The moon the night after the lunar eclipse. We really love our neighborhood.
2. Our fresh fruit of the week. Nom nom.
3. The biggest strawberry I’ve ever seen.
4. My new wallet. After confirmation from my fashion and style expert (my little sister) I splurged ($14.99 Target) on a new wallet for myself. I haven’t bought a new wallet since my sophomore year of college…5 years ago.

Happy Friday!
Love, The Jaderstons


Love, The Jaderstons