Five on Friday

I’m back on Friday linking up with some lovely ladies for Five on Friday!

1. Sickness

Sickness overtook me this last weekend. I started feeling sick on Friday – just weak and tired. Winter colds are painful and exhausting. I felt like I was bed bound for years, but by Tuesday I was healthy and feeling good again. 4 days too long. That’s why I was absent from the blog early this week. It’s so good to be back though.

2. New Job

I got a part time job! I’m babysitting//nannying for a sweet sweet family here in Wichita for a few hours each week. I’ve been working with the kiddos for a couple weeks now and I love it! They’re great kids with such sweet parents. I feel so blessed and overwhelmed by this job and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve decided not to share much more than that on the blog just for privacy reasons but please know that I am happy and elated at this opportunity.

3. House Guests

Mike’s grandparents were here last weekend! They were here Sunday to Tuesday and it was wonderful. Mike and Grandpa J did a lot of house work (more on that next week) and Grandma J took over my kitchen and made homemade chicken noodles! It was WONDERFUL! My kitchen is so CLEAN and we felt so taken care of. Honestly it felt like they were hosting us in our own home!

4. Winter Retreats are here

With Mike’s new job at the church he has retreats. This weekend we are headed out of town with 80+ Jr. High kids to experience the Lord in new ways out at the place Mike and I met. I’m glad I’m healthy and ready for the wild ride that’s ahead.

5. Drinking Water

I’ve been drinking SO much water this last week trying to get the sickness out of my body. Like 8 – 10 camelbaks in a day and now that the sickness is (mostly) gone I’ve kept it up. I feel great! I’ve been using the restroom like crazy, but I really feel like I’ve cleansed my body so well. Drink water people – it makes the days better.

Now for laundry and packing because a long weekend is ahead of us. Oh, and Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Friday!
Love, KJ

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Love, The Jaderstons