{five} things on Friday

1. Alf

Alfred is never too far away from mom these days, especially when I’m not feeling well and resting. He has become so much more protective of me since I became pregnant and even wants to snuggle sometimes. I soak it up. He will always be my first baby, fur baby that is.


2. Fresh Fruit

Have you noticed how nice it has been these last couple weeks? If not, maybe you live under a rock… But this prepackaged, way to expensive, melon platter was too hard to resist at whole foods the other day. I may or may not have eaten the whole thing within a couple days. I cannot wait for summer.


3. Warm Temps

As mentioned above, this weather, swoon! We had a nearly 80 degree day last week in Kansas, in February! 80 degrees was maybe a little too warm for this pregnant gal, but the 60s and 70s have been just perfect!


4. Built in table

I’ve started doing this with the belly when it’s convenient. I guess this could be considered a perk of pregnancy!


5. Pre-op Mike

It’s hard to believe that surgery was already three weeks ago. I am so grateful for this guy and his positive attitude toward a not so fun situation with his knee.


6. Bonus!

Mike surprised me with these pens last week! If you’re on the hunt for a great liquigel pen that doesn’t smear, these are the pens for you. They’re seriously incredible. You can buy them HERE on Amazon and they’re worth every penny.


Happy Day!

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Love, The Jaderstons