{Five} Things on Friday

Good morning, Friday!

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A Little Orange Box

I opened up our mailbox yesterday to a little orange box filled with our Christmas card pretties! This is my first year using Shutterfly for Christmas cards. In the past I have just designed something and sent them to a generic printer. Holiday cards can get stinkin’ expensive real fast. Especially if they’re charging $2.50 a card…

Well right now, Shutterfly is hosting a 40% off everything sale! And you can combine promo codes and also get free shipping if you spend $39 or more. Sign up for emails too. When I ordered my cards they were running a 40% off sale but my email had a code for 50%. I love getting good deals from Shutterfly.. I’m the girl that never pays full price for anything on there – and neither should you. Plus the quality is great!

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 9.49.02 AMsource

Another Little Orange Box

While I was staying at my parents last weekend we had a very lazy Sunday after the littlest sister spent the night at a friends house and stayed up waaaay to late… That was a long sentence. But anyways, I had lots of time and a little motivation.

I ordered our 2014 photo book!


It’s supposed to arrive next week and I am THRILLED! This is no small task – you understand if you make yearly photo books. The most time consuming part is finding all the photos you want. I usually do mine in two parts. I’ll spend one day focusing on finding the perfect photos and then another afternoon getting it organized on the Shutterfly website.

I love having the memories all in one place and I love that I don’t need all the scrapbooking supplies to get it done.

I never order these without coupon codes either. I get my books all done and ready and then I wait for Shutterfly to offer a free book (usually $29.99 value).

2016 Planner

Okay, I’m feeling a little bit on top of the game here. I usually never get a planner until the end of December and I spend a good portion of New Years Day writing in all my known 2016 events. It’s a fun tradition, but this year when Target released their Sugar Paper line I couldn’t resist the prices. Last year I spent some money on a different planner that I ended up wishing was smaller (it was 8.5 by 11) and I bought one at Target for $6.99 and LOVED it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.08.46 AM

This is the planner I had last year. It only has full month pages and it’s very slim.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.10.56 AM

This is the one I chose for 2016. It also has weekly pages and I’m excited to use those as more of a journal and write out memories or thoughts on specific days. I learned last year that I’d rather just have the full month calendar pages for scheduling. Then I can see the whole month on one page and don’t have to flip around like crazy. There is also room on the page for me to write out our bills that we’ll owe and to keep track of my babysitting hours. And it was $15. Can’t beat that.


Alf has been getting a lot of attention lately and he is soaking it up. I think I am already getting nostalgic of the time Mike and I have had with just Alfred (pregnancy hormones much?) so he gets lots of love.

IMG_1347IMG_1383 And he provides lots of laughs. Such a goofy little guy.

Basketball and Sunday Naps

Conference basketball started last night. We weren’t prepared for the stress that it brings. Go Warriors!


And Katie knows how to Sunday.


Happy Weekend!

Love, The Jaderstons