{Five} Things on Friday

It’s Friday!

1. Walking

When we were out of town for a few weeks this summer I completely stopped working out. When you’re working summer camps there just isn’t enough time for working out. On Monday afternoon, I attempted to workout again. 4 weeks off is tooooooo long.

But I did get to cool down with a nice walk around our neighborhood pond with the pup. He enjoyed it and I enjoyed the fresh air.


2. Fall Temps

It cooled off this week in Kansas! Just for a couple days, but it was welcomed with open arms and open windows. It was the first morning in a loooong time that we woke up in a cooler house than what our thermostat was set at. Saving energy and getting snuggly!

I celebrated by wearing one of my favorite crew neck sweatshirt.


3. Pretty Bathroom

We finally bought a shower curtain this week! Don’t worry, we had an opaque liner that we had been using until now. I’m so happy with it and it makes the room feel brand new.


4.  New Projects

I started working on a new project yesterday. These baby pallets are gonna be so.much.fun. And it was a little warm in our garage.


5. Happy Friday!

Today is my last day with the kids before they go back to school and our schedule changes. I’m hoping for lots of playing outside and fresh air. Next week will be homework and after school activities instead.

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