Five on Friday

5onFridayHey! I am linked up with darciaprilchristina and natasha again today for a five on friday!

1. 5k fun

I told you on Wednesday about the 5k race I ran last weekend. Well today is day 4 at the gym and I am feeling so accomplished and happy. Endorphins are the real deal people.

2. Painting trim but mostly doors

I mentioned on our last trim update that the hallway was next. Well I lied. I have already finished our bedroom trim and just finished our bedroom door. I’m glad it’s back up on its hinges – living without a bedroom door is confusing.

I’ve set up a door painting system in the basement. I prop them up on boxes full of my old textbooks. I can usually get a side done in one day but that’s only if I’m home all day. So each door takes two days minimum. I’m glad I have two paint stations set up now. One door at a time would have taken way too long.


3. Nertz and Pitch Parties

We are in a card game phase. We play pitch with our bible study and Nertz with our brother and sister in law. It has been so much fun! Do you have any fun card games that you play in groups?

My husband and his brother are hysterical when they play. We get theme songs and original songs, motivational phrases, strange noises, and lots of laughter. I love that something so simple (and CHEAP) has kept us entertained and wanting more.

4. Table building

Mike is building us a console table for our basement TV! We’ve looked around for a console table to buy, but they’re all SO expensive – especially the ones that will hold our fat TV. I’m so excited that he’s making progress on this in his downtime (which isn’t much). I appreciate him sacrificing his downtime to help turn our house into our home.


5. Spring is HERE!

We’ve had a couple warm days and then a couple cool days again, but I am looking forward to only warm days. I’m excited to get some sun on my legs and cheeks again.

Happy Friday!
Love, KJ


Love, The Jaderstons