Dwayne Henry: First Birthday Party

Our boy turns ONE tomorrow!


I had a very emotional week leading up to his party as we finished the process of weaning and it hit me like a ton of bricks that my little baby is no longer a little baby. Glad to have all those feels out of the way.. now onto the partay.

First Birthday One per Sheet

Yesterday afternoon we had our family and friends come over to celebrate our little man. It was such a sweet day – and I loved having our home filled with our closest people. At one point I looked around my house, bursting at the seams, and got teary-eyed taking in all the love and joy surrounding Dwayne Henry. He is loved – more and more everyday.


The party was pretty simple. I was determined to not let it stress me out since my goal for this year was to say no to chaos. So I started gathering decor and supplies over 4 weeks time. I did a practice run of the cupcakes for Mike’s youth group leaders the week before to make sure they weren’t gross.


I picked up a bouquet of flowers and a fruit and veggie tray from Dillons the morning of and spent the Saturday before making the cake, cupcakes, and rice krispies.


Most of the decor came from the dollar tree or target. I bought the sparkly paper at Hobby Lobby and cut out the words on my mom’s cricut. The cupcake liners were from amazon, so were the lollipop sticks and mini clothespins for the pictures on the shutters.

I made the cake stands from cake plates and a candle votive, both from the dollar tree. So yes, that’s two cake plates for $4. WINNING.

The wooden cheese tray that has Dwayne’s cake on it was a gift from my parents. They bought it in Napa.


The paper goods, invitations, cupcake toppers, and thank you cards came from Etsy shop NoFussPrint. I ordered the Woodland Animal Themed cards and I LOVED them. It was super simple and I could customize them on my own and printed them at Office Depot.


Dwayne didn’t get a great nap before the party so he was pretty tired before the guests even arrived. Thank goodness this sweet boy knows how to rally because his mood turned right around.

His first reaction to the cake and singing was a little overwhelmed – but once I cut him his own piece we couldn’t get him to stop!


It was such a fun day and I would say that my first birthday party was a success. I am glad we only have to host it once a year though! We are so blessed by this boy, thanks for following along!

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons