Dwayne Henry: Two

Dwayne is two!


It feels like yesterday that he was born, but it also feels like he’s been with us forever. Being a parent is weird and time is a thief, but two is so fun.


He is getting more fun with age and also more stubborn. We had a doctors appointment over Christmas (out of desperation because he refused to sleep without kicking, screaming, and body slamming himself into the sides of his crib) and I was hoping he had an ear infection or something to explain this very unusual and frustrating behavior. I think the doctors words were “He is perfectly healthy, very very smart and very very strong willed.” I think she also mixed in the word manipulative. It was a relief to hear that he was healthy but a bummer to now have to learn how to parent an 18 month old that was very skilled at manipulating his parents.


Stubborn or not, he is so so loved.


His favorite toys are not toys. At his birthday party he carried around a paper plate for awhile. He would not put it down and he absolutely did not want food on it.


He started swim lessons a few weeks ago and L O V E S the water. My parents have a pool so I think swimming is going to be a big part of his near future.


He climbs anything and everything.


He’s very introverted and after spending lots of time with people or other kids he recluses to his room to read books by himself.


His favorite little friend is his cousin Pierce and when they see each other (which is pretty often) they embrace like long lost friends.


He hates having the sun in his eyes and that’s pretty much the only time he cries in the car. He’ll throw his arms over his face and scream as loud as possible until we turn.


He prefers the outdoors over anywhere else – loves the park and loves throwing rocks in the pond down the street from our house. Also in the pic above he’s saying “Cheeeeese”


When he says goodnight to dad he says “Wuv you Daddy” unprompted.


He still eats mostly dairy free because I’m afraid to introduce it and make his tummy hurt.


Him and Alfred still don’t get along and when Alfie comes out of Mike and I’s room, Dwayne resorts to army crawling around the house hoping that Alf doesn’t see him. Dwayne still tries to earn Alf’s affection though by asking to give him treats all day long.


Like I said before, two is fun and funny and hard at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Happy second year of life, Dwayne Henry.

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons