Dwarfism Awareness Month {Part 2}

This is post 2 in my dwarfism awareness series! If you missed post 1 you can find it HERE.

Today will be all about Katie.

She is a spunky little girl with lots of energy and a hilarious personality.

When you first meet her she will act shy – very shy – but once you crack open her shell you might have a hard time getting her to calm down.

40 Katie 4-26-06

She was born into a family of all girls and a dad. Her oldest sister is 16 years older than her, I am 14 years older, and Maddie is 10 years older than her. She has lots of ladies looking out for her, one protective older brother in-law, and a very loving dad.

If you asked her about her height she’d say something quick and to the point…

“God made me little”

“I’m a little person”

“It’s just how I am”

14 Katie in Katieroom 4-13-06

If you tell her she’s too little to do something her response is likely…

“I can do everything you can do, I just might do it a little differently”

31 Remodel with Katie 12-22-05

She can get up off the ground without using her hands and she is the best headstander I have ever known.

She loves gymnastics and is involved in girl scouts (who wants cookies??)

52 Katie&Chocolate 11-16-05

She loves PE and is better at the pacer test than I ever was.

It took her a little while longer to learn how to ride a bike because it’s hard to find a bike small enough for her shorter legs. She’s a master bike rider now though.

34 Katie 9-9-05

She has also spent a lot of time learning how to swim. A four – five year old can usually touch the bottom of the shallow end. Being able to touch the bottom of the pool is significant in learning how to swim. Katie is ten now and can brush her toes along the bottom of the pool, but can’t really rest from swimming until she gets to the steps. She takes swim lessons every summer to ensure that she remains a strong swimmer. And gosh she loves to swim.

She is the size of a 4 year old so sometimes people treat her that way. But she is ten and needs to be treated like a ten year old. She doesn’t like to be babied, but she doesn’t say no to a piggy back ride when we are walking really far.


Her support system and friends love her well and really look out for her, but she’s tough and can pretty much look out for herself.


Sure, sometimes it’s not fun being littler than everyone else. But she takes it in stride and is always willing to catch up.

Again, if you have any questions about dwarfism, comment below!

Love, The Jaderstons