December Moments

I was sitting on my computer last night, uploading photos and backing up my hard drive, when I realized how few of our memories from the last few months had made it onto the blog.

If you’ve read along with our Jaderston Baby updates you’ve seen that this pregnancy hasn’t exactly been easy on me. It hasn’t been horribly traumatic either and we have a very healthy baby on his way which we are so grateful for… but my body simply isn’t handling it well. And it has taken a toll on “me”. My mobility prevents me from crafting and DIYing (two of my favorite things) and my energy/motivation/mood has prevented from blogging about things other than the weekly updates.

Obviously, I’d love to make a change. But I also know that it can’t happen overnight and that I need to give myself grace when the most I can do in one day is get in my car, go to work, and come home to bed. Some days are better than others and I also need to be reminded (more often than I want to admit) to choose joy… but that’s a whole different blog post.

Since this is a little scrapbook of our lives, I do want to share a peek into our December and early January.


Christmas morning. It’s tradition to take a photo sitting at the bottom of the stairs before we turn the corner and see the tree. Everyone got the memo to smile except Mike – who may or may not have still been asleep. I love it.


The joy an eleven year old shows when she opens her first selfie stick.


Decorating Christmas cookies.. We got a little carried away with the icing.


Nap time for my boys. One was clearly more into the “nap” than the other, but they stayed like this until Mike woke up. Precious moments.


Last week when Mike was out of town Alfie became weirdly infatuated with our Christmas tree (that is still up). I kept finding him asleep underneath or chewing on nylabones under there. He kept me entertained.


Family hike in Arizona over the New Year! This was the extent of my activity all week, but it felt so nice to get some sun on my face and shoulders and move around even though it hurt.

Happy day!

Love, The Jaderstons