A Cold Wednesday Evening

I have a couple random highlights today.

If you follow along on Instagram you saw that we took our tree down last night. It was a sad night but it needed to happen.


Alfie (finally) warmed up to the tree and its coziness so he was also pretty sad when it went away. He kept going over to that corner and whining. I am happy to have our living room back to regularly scheduled programming. It makes the room seem so much more open!

After work today I made a trip to Aldi. I seriously can’t believe I didn’t know about Aldi a year and a half ago. But anyways, I came home and started washing and cutting up fruit/veggies to store. It started raining/sleeting as I was working and cleaning out our fridge. Sad.

I had a strange urge to pull the juicer out (which I haven’t done in probably a year). I forgot how fun it is to juice!


We have this juicer and LOVE it.

I just made a simple orange and carrot combination. I used 3 oranges and a couple handfuls of carrots. I poured it over my last handful of frozen fruit that I needed to get rid of so it was nice and cold.


Then I cozied up on the couch in my new (and super cozy) Gap leggings. I couldn’t find my pattern on their website but linked a similar one. They are seriously so comfortable and they’re on sale!


It was a random afternoon activity but I really loved it.

Happy day!

Love, The Jaderstons