4 Weeks of Life: In Photos

Four weeks ago from this moment, my son was taking his first breath.

How it has already been four weeks? I’ll never know. On the one hand it feels like yesterday, but on the other, sleepier hand it feels like a decade ago.

There have been moments of bliss and sweetness and also quite a few moments of doubt and frustration. I had no idea how hard breastfeeding would be or how much of my time would be spent attempting to feed this little man. It has been a long road of supplementing, syringe feeding, pumping, bottling, using a nipple shield, and wanting to give up too many times to count. Thankfully, we have made it through the toughest part (I hope) and we are in greener pastures. I wouldn’t say we’ve mastered it, actually I wouldn’t even say we’re close, but he’s gaining and eating and sleeping so YAY!

Soaking up every little newborn snuggle has been so sweet and I remind myself that if we’re blessed with more children that it won’t be like this the second time around. We’ve loved getting to know Dwayne and can’t wait to see more of his personality come out.

So here is week one of Dwayne’s life in photos!

WEEK ONE - 12 - Version 3IMG_2082IMG_2087IMG_2139IMG_2095IMG_2099IMG_2104IMG_2113IMG_0797IMG_2119IMG_2120IMG_2121IMG_0818

Week one highlights: Dwayne made his first trip to Mike’s work to meet some new friends.
He had pretty bad jaundice so he spent most of his first week hooked up to a biliblanket and getting stuffed with food. He also had to be pricked quite a few times to make sure his levels were coming down.
I had to spend an afternoon in the ER to make sure I didn’t have a blood clot in my leg (thankfully I did not) and Dwayne got to spend that afternoon with his cousin Pierce! His first time away from Mom and Dad and he did great!

Week Two:

IMG_2145IMG_2151IMG_2163IMG_2167IMG_2176IMG_0862WEEK TWO - 10WEEK TWO - 12

Week two highlights: Dwayne really woke up this week!
We spent lots of time with Aunt Maddie before she went away to camp for the month of June.
We went on our first family walk with Dwayne in the Ergobaby and Alfred really warmed up to the babe.

Week three:

IMG_2199IMG_2205IMG_2211IMG_2228IMG_2234IMG_2239IMG_2253IMG_2258WEEK 3 - 06

Week three highlights: We had our first family breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Dwayne did great and was awake the whole time just soaking it in.
He also went on his first road trip to Nebraska for a wedding. He did great for this too and even slept 6 hours the night in the hotel!

Week four:

WEEK 4 - 03WEEK 4 - 16IMG_2284IMG_2295IMG_2296IMG_2303

Week four highlights: I went back to work one day this week and we spent all the other days focused on breastfeeding and not getting off the couch. Big cousin Pierce got baptized this week too – so we made our first appearance at church. Baby Dwayne was a hit and we aren’t taking for granted how great our little baby is.

That was a photo overload! Hopefully I won’t go 4 weeks without an update moving forward. We are excited for the next four weeks as Dwayne’s personality starts to shine through and he continues to grow.

Until then, I’ll be here, snuggling this little man and not feeling any guilt about all the things that need to get done that simply aren’t happening. 🙂

Love, The Jaderstons