April Goals

April is here!

And with April comes Easter, thunderstorms, warmer weather, opening the windows, gardening, and so much more!

But first, let’s recap March.


Passports: I applied and received my new one already! Now I am free to travel internationally as a Jaderston!

Dentist: Mike and I both got our teeth cleaned in March.

Laundry room: Yes, yes, and yes. But I’m not sharing yet!

Vacation: Yes, yes, and yes again! (Links to posts about Zona)

I keep my monthly goals simple, attainable, and not too excessive. With that said, here is April…


Savings challenge: We are doing round two of our savings challenge this month. I am hoping we can continue an every other month pattern for awhile. It helps us practice patience, delayed gratification, and it reminds us that we absolutely can pinch our pennies a little tighter.

Scarlet and Gold Shop Calligraphy Class: LINK HERE I have dabbled in calligraphy with no real training. I am so excited to take this FREE class with Scarlet and Gold to refine my skills and learn some tips and tricks.

30 Day Reset: Mike and I have been wanting to switch up our diets for awhile. We will occasionally make some big changes but we always revert back to old habits. This month we are motivated to do a 30 day reset of our systems – that means lots of cooking, no eating out, and a very specific diet plan that helps to “reset” your body so you can figure out what you’re sensitive to and how your own body reacts to certain foods. We are reading Chris Kresser’s book, The Paleo Cure and following his plans for the 30 days.

Final touches on Laundry Room: Yay! Our big renovations/remodeling of the laundry room is complete – which I’ll share soon – but there are still some little things left to do… mostly decorate. I have LOVED working on one room from start to finish, but I am so excited to finish.

And that’s it for April! Do you make monthly goals?

Happy Day!