Work Has Begun

Well I am officially back at work. Summer is over and Fall Semester is here! People at work (including myself) frequently ask “How was your summer?” and of course the answer is always… SO GOOD. Then that response is usually followed by something along the lines of “It was too short”.

I agree with them 100% but it also feels so good to be back. The 7:15 alarm isn’t agreeing with me quite yet, but I’ll get there.

As far as life goes? We are definitely making an adjustment. I am used to just hanging out at the house all day with my husband so when I get home from work I feel like I missed a huge part of his day, but really this is how it is supposed to be. I’ll get there – maybe next week it will feel a little more normal. I’m also REALLY tired. This is also something I hope will pass.

Tonight we have a big youth group event and today was Mike’s LAST first day of his undergrad career! It seems fitting that he would need to work all day. Don’t worry, it won’t go uncelebrated.

Besides that we don’t have much going on. We’ve been laughing a lot at Alfred and enjoying our time together even more now that we’re forced apart by things like jobs and school.

Alfred has been MUCH better since we started sleeping with him in the kennel. He even gets promoted to a little bed time if he doesn’t whine.

We bought Alfred a couple new toys yesterday. His favorite thing to do with toys is tug and tear them apart so it was pretty fun for him to get some new toys to squeak and try to break yesterday. Here’s a couple videos of him first playing with the little blue pig.

We kinda like him. Here’s a few more to hold you over.

IMG_9099 IMG_9100 IMG_9110 IMG_9120 IMG_9108 IMG_9122Happy Wednesday! 2 days and it’s FRIDAY!
Be back soon,
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons