What I Came Home to

Yesterday… It was one of those days.

Thursday Mike and I went to Wichita for a Dr. appointment – we left Alfred at home for about 11 hours. It was the longest we have left him alone before and he was in his kennel. When we got home he pottied for 49 seconds. Mike was a really proud owner.

Anyways – what we should have done was take him with us and let him burn some energy with his favorite cousin Boo dog.

Needless to say… He. Would. Not. Sleep. when we got home at 11:30 pm. We woke up to some kleenex’s shredded from the bathroom trash but really considered that to be a victory. But then when I got home from work…
From this we learned that he isn’t quite ready to be left in the house alone while we’re gone. You can’t see in the picture but to the left he has shredded tissue paper and a gift bag. He was a very happy guy when I got there.

Today we’ll be CLEANING this home and watching March Madness. I also have a few crafty things I’d like to do just to get a break from laundry. I’m thinking I have about 6 or 7 loads today. I’ve been putting off laundry since before we went to Colorado… Oops!

Have a great snowy day, friends!
Oh and thanks for reading this little blog. You have no idea how much joy it brings me.


Love, The Jaderstons