Weekend Recap

Mike and I visited my parents and sisters this weekend. My little sis participated in her Senior Showcase choir concert and was PHENOMENAL! It was so much fun watching her perform and thinking back to all the years I spent performing. IMG_5819 IMG_5820 IMG_5838 IMG_5854 IMG_5883 IMG_5910

Is she not the cutest gal ever? So blessed by her and so torn apart that she is old enough to go to college. She graduates in two short weeks. Queue TEARS!

She had so many friends out to support her. I love that she is loved by great people. She deserves great friends.
IMG_5939 IMG_5935Gosh – I love her lots.

Mike and I spent the rest of our weekend with family. He got to play frisbee golf and I got to go shopping. Oh and Alfred had a grand time. He loves my parents house – mainly because they have an entire crate of dog toys and he prefers to have every toy at his disposal.

IMG_5943 IMG_5959 IMG_5955
Happy Monday!
I have a recipe tomorrow, it’s my first one and it’s healthy and delicious.
The Jaderstons

p.s THANKS mom and dad for fulfilling one of the items on our Spring Wishlist! We came home with a brand new, big and powerful SHOPVAC! We are loved.


Love, The Jaderstons