Over the Weekend

We had a great {and busy} weekend! My littlest sister turned 10 – TEN – One, zero… Two digits? Hold on while I go have a panic attack because she’s so OLD! My oldest sister flew into town for the birthday celebration and my little sister drove in for less than 24 hours from camp where she’s working as a camp counselor this summer. So the original 6 all went to dinner on Friday night. Mike couldn’t join us because he was working (big bummer), but it was a lot of fun to spend a lot of time with family.

We started with a Camp Invention fair and saw what Katie invented for the week. It’s called Bug Ball – similar to Pinball. We then visited a coffee shop that’s under construction and we found a room that matched my jacket perfectly.


Later that night we went to dinner and after dinner we took a series of family selfies. It was a hilariously good time.


Then we had birthday cake!


Happy Monday!
Love, The Jaderstons


Love, The Jaderstons