Top Three Questions

As newlyweds (yes we’re still newlyweds) we frequently get asked 3 common questions.

1. How’s marriage?!

2. What does your future look like after Mike graduates?

3. Kids?!

We love answering these questions because they each include a very exciting step in our lives together but for some reason these questions have been popping up a lot more often lately. I don’t know if it’s the change of season, the end of a semester ahead, or just coincidence but I’ll answer all three for you right now.

Number 1: How’s marriage?!
Marriage is AWESOME! It’s so much fun. We spent the beginning, middle, and end of our dating relationship long distance so the joy of waking up to him every single day and being able to spend time with him every single evening is such a blessing. We have learned so much about one another and a lot about what it takes to have a healthy marriage. We are that couple that could spend all days and all time together. We have to actually work at connecting with friends because we love hanging out together that much. We’ve been reminded frequently that this stage will end (the honeymoon stage) but for the time being we are loving spending this time together.

Also, I’m thinking about pranking the next person that asks us this questions. How’s marriage? Oh, it’s only OK. Sometimes it’s good but mostly it’s mundane…. Ha!

I’m blessed to have such a sweet and selfless husband. We laugh together and we cry together. We walk together and we support each other. He makes marriage awesome.

Number 2: What does your future look like after Mike graduates?
Well first I should mention that Mike doesn’t graduate until December of 2013. We have been lucky to arrange his schedule so he will have a relatively light load in the fall but he won’t officially have a degree until next Christmas. When it comes to what our future looks like? We have no idea. We have opportunities and have ideas, but we are still seriously trying to discern where we are being called. Mike will get a degree in Christian Ministries with an emphasis in Youth and maybe an emphasis in worship. We know that we have been blessed by the community in Sterling. We know that I really love my job. That’s about all we know. When we know more, we’ll let you know!

Number 3: Kids?!
Not quite yet. Although I do find it funny and frustrating that anytime I’m not feeling 100% people think I’m pregnant. No worries people – not pregnant. Alfred is enough for the two of us to handle right now. He’s been a little naughty lately too. Today he chewed up my favorite pair of Burlap Toms. Insert sobbing emoji here.

So there you have it, people. The top three questions that Mike and I have received since we got married. Super exciting stuff.

I hope everyone is enjoying this Wednesday. We get to enjoy a four day weekend, March Madness, and most importantly – Easter. It’s a beautiful time of year.

The Jaderstons

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Love, The Jaderstons