This is My Life {Lately}

I woke up this morning hoping to have a blog post knocked out by 10:00. I was planning on sharing a small project I finished last week for our bedroom. By 9:45 I hadn’t opened my computer and I was ok with it. I wanted to get all the dishes in the dishwasher so I could run it which led to me wanting to get the counters all cleaned off so I could admire my new white kitchen in a little less clutter. Then I got a text from a friend who needed my support and prayers – and then a phone call from my mom who also needed prayers for some situations happening in her life…

And as I sat here (finally) ready to write out my post on recovering an old piano bench, I just couldn’t.

I wanted to cry instead.

I got out my journal and started writing out my prayers. I write them because it helps me to stay focused and not let my mind wander. It was the next logical thing to do and I wish it was something I turned to more often. We live in such a broken world and sometimes I get so caught up in my little “perfect” life here in my little “perfect” house with my “perfect” husband who loves me and supports me that I forget about all the brokenness around me. Perfect is in quotes because LOL not perfect. Until this morning, I was quickly reminded that I don’t just live in this little world with just Mike and I where we get to have our happily ever after.

This is my life. I am a Christian. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I actively pursue a relationship with Him so that I may become sanctified. My marriage is based on the love that Jesus showed us by dying on the cross. It’s all consuming. I work as a nanny (glorified babysitter) and I hobby as a blogger. I am a housewife. I cook (rarely) and I clean (usually) and I fold laundry (sometimes) so when my husband comes home from work he comes into a “clean” home.   That’s my life. My biggest worry of the day is usually what should we eat for dinner or how will we afford that “big” project that I want to do in our house.

In all honesty, that life that I just described is pretty wonderful. I feel a bit like I’m living the dream and right here in this moment I can’t think of a single thing I would change. Ask me tomorrow and I might have 100 things…

But today, instead of focusing on the things I don’t want to change about my life, I am focusing and praying for my friends whose marriages might not make it to tomorrow and praying for a family friend who tried to take his own life last night. I am praying for healing and restoration in those families.

My projects can wait.

My goals can wait.

My little “perfect” life can wait.

I will do laundry and I will empty the dishwasher and I will probably try to get a small project done today, but God is teaching me that it’s not all about me. Today is not about me, but about serving Him.


Love, The Jaderstons