Thanksgiving Eve

Growing up my family always spent time together on Thanksgiving Eve. We have all sorts of home video of just our family – mom, dad, and sisters eating lavash and shrimp. It’s a tradition. It’s my dad’s favorite because it’s just us and there is no where to be – no one to please – it’s just us.

This night before Thanksgiving was no different. Although we did wish the fourth sister could have joined – she’ll be here soon enough.

Family 2Family 22Family 23

We went around the table and said what we were thankful for. We laughed and joked about things of the past. We talked about our Christmas plans.

As we were starting our thankfulness tradition, my littlest sister said something so funny. My dad said what he was thankful for first and then said that we were gonna go by age. Katie was a little disappointed and said sadly that she was last. We all kinda giggled. Then Mike said “Well, we can go by height?” and then Katie, even more defeated, said “I’d STILL be last!”. It was so funny. She definitely brings joy to our family like you wouldn’t believe.

The night ended with a late night showing of Catching Fire (so good).

We have so many great family memories from this night and we’re so blessed to continue to make more.

I hope your Monday has started off well. Also, can you believe it’s December??

Love, KJ

PS: Happy Birthday Dad!!

Love, The Jaderstons