Thankfulness {Lately}

Today when I woke up (at 10:14) I thought to myself that I had nothing good going for me. Both my husband and I have come down with summer sicknesses and we are exhausted. Camp is in less than 2 weeks and we have another camp right before that. I had a minor (okay, major) breakdown this afternoon about all the stress. I was ready for tomorrow by 1:00 this afternoon. Only 3 hours after waking up.

I know others have those days. I’m not alone in this stressful and demanding world. After I calmed down and was able to just sit and be with my husband for awhile I was able to see things a lot clearer. I had let the exhaustion from being sick and the worry about the coming weeks consume me. I let it ruin my day and I took it out on my husband. He doesn’t deserve that and he definitely didn’t sign up for that when he decided to marry me a year ago.

I didn’t want to blog today. I didn’t want to be vulnerable today. I wanted to just cry and be sad today. But I can’t do that anymore. It’s not good for anyone and it’s definitely not the person the Lord has called me to be. So instead I’ll write a post on thankfulness simply to regain the perspective that I was missing this morning when I opened my eyes.

I’m thankful for Mike and a year of marriage. A year with Mike is so much better than a year without him. Even on days like today when I think (in my irrational state of emotion) I have everything and anything to learn about being a good wife – Mike still wraps me up in his arms and comforts me like it was the first time. Marriage is so much fun. It’s hard sometimes and it hurts sometimes too, but working through the hurts is so rewarding. So today I am thankful for marriage and for walking through life with my best friend. He has taught me so much and has been so patient with me. He sharpens me as a follower of Christ and guides me when I’m confused. He makes me laugh and he fixes things. He protects me and trusts me. He leads me well. We’re still learning, but I’m thankful that we have the opportunity to learn.

I’m also thankful for…
IMG_2483 IMG_2499 IMG_2491 IMG_2494 IMG_2496IMG_2516 IMG_2525 IMG_2534 IMG_2538
1. Alfie and his love for big sticks and large bones
2. Afternoon puppy snuggles
3. Date night reliving our first date night but now with a wedding ring attached
4. Fourth of July love
5. Anniversary gifts from moms
6. A shopping trip for 120 kiddos
7. And a sleepy pup after a few nights with Princess Leia.

Lots of love,
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons