Thankfulness {lately}

Ooh, these posts are always so much fun. I get to think back over the week and remember all the wonderful things. We are thankful for so much and it could never be completely covered in a teeny little blog post but it’s fun nonetheless and it will be even more fun to look back on.

IMG_3815IMG_1539 IMG_1751 IMG_50941. Fun new projects like shutters to repaint. I love garage sales.
2. Every chapter further I get into this book, the more I
want to learn about managing our money well.
3. Little visits from little girls and little walks around littles ponds.
4. Bike rides with my love – this particular ride we were
searching for garage sales around town.
{Not Pictured}
5. Freshly cleaned sheets and towels
6. Freshly mopped kitchen and bathroom floors
7. Flexible landlords when it rains 5″ in 8 hours
and water comes into the basement
8. Summers with my husband. We have laughed more than ever
before and are truly enjoying each others presence. No money or job
could ever surpass the joy we have gotten from this time.

Over and out,
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons