Thankfulness {lately}

IMG_0918 IMG_0870 IMG_8526 IMG_0426 IMG_8690 IMG_7407 IMG_03041. Alfred, of course
2. Alfred and this stick. He has taken it everywhere with him and gets
really mopey when it’s not around. It cracks us up.
3. Parenthood and again, Alfred. He is in a rebellious stage and
doesn’t like to sleep near us, but he still likes to be close enough just in case.
4. Time with my sweet sister. We had a wonderful day in Sterling
and I’m already counting down the days till she comes again.
5. Adding strawberry to my already ‘perfected’
salad. Wowza, it’s so yummy!
6. Bike rides with my husband and also how intense Mike’s beard looks in this
photo. It is not nearly as thick anymore (AKA: he shaved yesterday)
7. A fun day of golf with my husband. Not so grateful for the sunburn
I’m sporting today, but still so fun.

Happy Monday!
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons