Why We Switched…

If you’re reading this then you’ve successfully found the transitioned blog @ thejaderstons.com! We are so happy you’re here! Now, to answer the question of…Why We Switched Domains

This last July was the 1 year anniversary of this blog. We didn’t celebrate or anything but I had accomplished a personal victory. I stuck with something for a whole year. I posted (relatively) consistently and fell in love with this hobby. It’s not like me to develop a habit/hobby that lasts an entire year. Usually I go for about three weeks of just loving something and then I fall off the wagon. It’s just the truth. Well, I stuck with this for a whole year and I wanted to keep doing it (which is the real miracle here). It hadn’t gotten dull. It hadn’t gotten mundane or boring. I actually still got excited about sitting down to write a new post. So. Many. Miracles.

Anyways, in May, I was telling Mike how much I loved blogging and we were talking about where the blog could go. I was asking whether or not I should keep going and he suggested I look into moving away from the free platform I was using at wordpress.com. He was right. It was time to start putting some money into the blog. It was a few weeks later that we were hanging out with our besties Matt & Betsy that Matt (my brother in-law and also a blogger) mentioned that I should turn the blog over to a paid domain and host. So, the seed that Mike planted in my head about transitioning was now really starting to grow.

Enter, D O U B T.

Could I do this? Was it worth it? Would people read my blog? There are so many blogs out there exactly like my own. Will people judge me? Am I good enough to write? There isn’t enough to write about.

I found myself constantly asking Mike, “Do you really think I could do this someday?” and his response was always, “You could do it today and it would be wonderful”.

So, I started researching. I watched videos, I found blogs that I loved, blogs that I didn’t love, people who had done that same thing that explained it step by step, podcasts all about blogging… I made lists, hopes, dreams, realities, costs, reviews…. I spent H O U R S pouring into this – trying to learn as much as I could before I took the next step.

And now we’re here! I actually bought the domain and the hosting on August 23rd so I was able to spend about a week adjusting the new site before I made it public. The most exciting part for me now that we are paying for the blog is the customization. It’s been (mostly) fun to tweak all the little details of this page and I’m hoping someday to do a complete redesign, but right now I need to take it one step at a time.

So now to actually answer the question of why we switched? Because it’s something I love to do. When you love something, you should invest in that, and this is something we have invested in. Yes, we are hoping to eventually earn back our investment, but that will be talked about later. The fact of the matter is, we are blessed to have this opportunity and I am really really excited to continue to share our lives with all of you.

Thanks for keeping up with us!
The Jaderstons

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Love, The Jaderstons