Sunday Things

Today, my little sister went off to college today. She’s so ready (physically – maybe not emotionally) and I know that college is a good thing. She needs to be there, but it’s been really hard for me to process her being old enough to be “on her own”.

Today is also my last day of summer. I would say it has been a pretty great day. Church, lunch, home to clean, juicing, and then waffles for dinner make for a pretty great day. I had a long chat with the little one who just went off to college and now I’m sitting here, writing to you about my day.

Tomorrow I go back to work and Mike starts school this week, so really I’m just here to say that this week is crazy so you might not hear from us as much. I’m hopeful to find downtime to blog because I love doing it, but I also want to be realistic and I know that this week is going to be transition for Mike and I.

Happy Sunday! Enjoy this week – especially if your littles are heading back to school.

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