Spring Wish List

It has been spring for awhile now, but hopefully the last freeze was last week. I am so glad warmer weather is finally here (pending the cold front coming through this evening). Anyways, my spring wish list is as follows.

Spring Wish List1. The BarkBox. I guess this is technically on Alfred’s wishlist.
2. OldNavy
3. OldNavy
Confession – I ordered both of the dresses last week.
4. A shopvac! Mike has a workroom down in the basement
filled with sawdust, plus this type of vacuum is always handy.
5. Two bicycle helmet options. Safety mixed with fun and happy.
6. Target swim top.
7. Gorgeous Sperry flats that are ENTIRELY out of budget, but beautiful.
8. Grapefruit essential oil – I want to drip some on window
ACs for smelly goodness during warmer times.
9. Cute workout top – Target

As a newlywed who is trying to figure out a budget with her husband the items on the wish list are not likely to be fulfilled in the near future, but it’s fun to see where my style and wants move throughout time. Please also take note that all things above are wants and not needs (except for the bike helmet – safety first).

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy the weather before the rain.
With love,
The Jaderstons (really just the Mrs. here)

Love, The Jaderstons