Spring Cleaning

It’s officially Spring. Yes it snowed just a couple days after the arrival, but it is spring and that brings about SPRING CLEANING! I spent this day off attempting to shrink my closet and to de-clutter the hidden parts of this house.

We have two bedrooms in our first little home. We don’t frequently host guests so our second bedroom is the music room, game room, guest room, office, storage room, and holds Mike’s closet. Phew. If the length of that sentence doesn’t make you desire de-cluttering then you might be normal? I think I have a strange and unusual want for things to be hyper tidy.

Anyways, today was cleaning day! Not just vacuum the floors and wipe down the counter day, but spring cleaning, organizing, throwing out, and de-cluttering day. Woohoo!

I should add that I started this day very motivated and ready to tackle this house. I started in the 2nd bedroom. It was easy and quick and looks so much cleaner already. I moved some things out, threw some things out, and definitely tidied. Then I moved onto the office…

There are some piles in that room that need a lot more than a days time. I got UN motivated. It still looks tidier. I threw things out and I moved some things out. It may look tidy, but its in no way Spring Cleaned. I have learned that you shouldn’t tackle too many things in one day. Also, don’t let things pile and pile and pile because it will overwhelm you and you will give up far too quickly.

Don’t worry though, after I got brought down by the office situation I took a little break, caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, took a long walk with my husband and Alfred, and then tackled my closet. I filled two trash bags of clothes and shoes I don’t need.

Spring Cleaning.1Spring Cleaning.12Spring Cleaning.13Spring Cleaning.14

It has been a successful Spring Cleaning day. We are excited for the basketball games tonight (Rock Chalk) and we are going to Journey to the Cross at a church in town. With combinations of outdoor fun, cleaning, and gettings lots of things checked off our To Do list, today has been a great day – and it’s not even 4pm.

Happy Good Friday! Remember that Sunday is coming.
With love,

Love, The Jaderstons