Lo siento for my lack of blogging this last week. This happened to be Mike and I’s busiest week yet but today I had a little bit of time to kick back. I’m so so excited to share these pictures with you from SOMA. Mike and his friend Grant put together a worship experience for their worship arts class and I was lucky enough to snap some photos. It turned into such a beautiful and God pleasing evening and I’m so proud of the work and time the team put into it.

IMG_5475 IMG_5479.edit IMG_5465 IMG_5473IMG_5472.edit IMG_5468.edit IMG_5459 IMG_5461 IMG_5476.edit IMG_5483 IMG_5491.edit IMG_5492.edit IMG_5538.edit IMG_5527.edit IMG_5501.edit IMG_5530.edit IMG_5524.edit IMG_5488.edit IMG_5485.edit IMG_5505.edit IMG_5498.edit IMG_5525.edit IMG_5526.edit IMG_5535.edit IMG_5534.edit
Like I said, it was a beautiful and God pleasing experience. This is where we spent our Tuesday evening and I am so glad we did. I hope everyone is a having a blessed Thursday evening and I pray this update finds you well.

Be back soon,
The Jaderstons


Love, The Jaderstons