Since graduation…

I graduated from KU in May of 2012. I was married a short 2 months after graduation and was quickly transitioned to Sterling, KS. Small town life is so different than any other type of life. I’ve learned a lot about life and about myself.

For example…

I didn’t realize grocery stores could close as early as 8 PM.
Also, the bank closes at approximately 3:30 PM and the only ATM is at the gas station.
I didn’t know you couldn’t pay at all gas pumps – which has changed since I moved here.
The only food you can bring home is pizza or subway – not including gas station food.
Our weeks are very predictable…
Tuesday nights… high school basketball
Wednesday nights… youth group
Thursday nights… college basketball
Friday nights… high school basketball again
Saturday nights… college basketball again
Sunday mornings… church and lunch with the in laws
I learned that I can leave for work 4 minutes before I need to be there and still be early.
Money goes a lot further in Sterling than anywhere else I’ve lived.
Sometimes I think I am stealing from my landlord because rent is so low.
You can ride your bike from one side of town to the other in about 6 minutes.
The population increases significantly when the college is in session – traffic never changes.
You have 4 doctors to choose from and can always get an appointment.

There are also a few things that college didn’t teach me. I got an accounting degree and am now working at a grade school. I took advanced math classes and now am teaching first graders how to count by twos. I had never even heard of a dolch word until a few months ago – or visual phonics, multiplication fact stories, and AR points. I did get a business degree and was supposedly taught how to make a budget but had never made an actual budget until I moved here. People think I’m great with money (and thanks to my dad I probably am) but that’s not because I have an accounting degree. Also, don’t have any idea how to fill out my own taxes. I know a lot about the tax law, but that’s not the same thing. Bring it on April 15th.

Life is a lot different for me here in Sterling, KS. Life is scarier, more challenging, and also more rewarding. I have learned to make my own doctor appointments (yep, never did that on my own before now), how to pay my own bills (with the help of a patient and understanding husband), and how to manage little income (also with the help of a very patient and understanding husband). I have also learned that I have a lot of room to grow. For example, I don’t like going places by myself here – the pharmacy, the gym, or the grocery store – I have no idea why but they make me anxious so I prefer for Mike to go with me – or I ask him to go without me. (Yep, serious growth needed here).

The one thing I haven’t mentioned here is the things I’ve learned about marriage – and I’m not going to venture down that road just yet because there is more than enough left for me to learn. I will say that marriage is a wonderful thing and that everyone should do it. 🙂 Mike challenges me often and teaches me continually and I think that is a really good thing.

There really isn’t a point to this post. I guess I think it’s interesting how much left there still is to learn even after the highly desired and supposed success achieving college degree. That’s all for now though – it’s Wednesday so you know where I’ll be.

The Jaderstons

PS: Mike dying his hair blue this evening – and giving himself a reverse mohawk. I will have pictures up later. Oh the life of a youth pastor….

Love, The Jaderstons