Senior Prom

This weekend was a long one. It was wonderful and long and my little sister went to PROM! She was stunningly beautiful in so many ways.

IMG_5251 3 2

Dress1 IMG_5190 IMG_5202 IMG_5239 IMG_5240 IMG_5265 IMG_5298 IMG_5315

IMG_5302 IMG_5306 IMG_5325 IMG_5360 IMG_5361 IMG_5371 IMG_5368 IMG_5391It was great spending time with her geting ready and taking these pictures. She will graduate high school in a few short weeks and the tears will start falling if I think about this too much.

We love her lots.

On top of prom we had lots of time with family and friends. Four days at home is a good amount of refreshment for these last few weeks of school and work before warmer weather and SUMMER! We are blessed by such sweet friends and family.

Happy Monday!
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons