Saturday Morning

I love Saturday mornings. The house is so quiet and peaceful. I don’t have anywhere to rush off to. I can fold laundry and clean and relax all at the same time. Of course, as I type this Alfred is sprinting from one side of our house to the other but I am pushing that aside for now and trying to soak up every moment of this peace.

I didn’t use to enjoy Saturdays any more than any other day (except for the Saturdays when I got to visit Mike). When I was in college I would have two or three classes a day but then was able to come home and relax and work on homework as often as I pleased. My schedule was so flexible that I didn’t really need a day off. Now I look forward to this day off. It’s fun to find the things that have changed since I’ve graduated and moved to Sterling. Looking forward to Saturday is a big change.

This week we watched a lot of Basketball and played a lot of Super Mario Brothers. Mike isn’t in school right now so he spent a lot of time working on youth group things and training Alfie. He can now roll over – which I think is the most adorable thing ever. We have also spent lots of time with Mike’s family. His grandparents are in town until the 21st so we are trying to enjoy as much time as possible with them. It’s been a good week.IMG_3560IMG_3568IMG_3604IMG_3625IMG_3708My father in-law getting recognized as the most winningest mens basketball coach at Sterling


Like I said, it has been a good week.
See you soon,
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons